Hi all,

My latest Release and remix has been released.

Check out my version of Tony Maffia’s Kaltherzig, being a pure techno track i have given it my melodic techno twist ending up in quite a rave like track. Perfect to drive fast whit your car or party at home!

You can check out the tracks on Beatport here

i have been working on my new Ep for Experiment Records. The tracks are al done i just have to do the last polishing and where good to go!

I have upload my Experiment showcase mix 2019, you can check it out here

My new synth FatBert is almost finshed and boy its fat!! its so fat you have make sure you don’t boost the low end to much! then its clips a bit but as a bassline synth it does its job perfectly, Demo videos and Audio will be online soon. i am still trying to change my website and add a propper information page on each plugin i have. this is taking some time

Thats it for today, you all keep save distance and i hope we all make it trough these hard times. thanks for al the support so far.