Here you can find Information about my Sessions at and the other sessions hosted there each week Once a month i get to host my own evening at Plekalsdit, i keep it edm/techno Orientated Each Session is live streamed at the Plekalsdit Twitch Page Every Thursday from 20:00 until 22:00 Plekalsdit streams Dj’s and Hosts an evening, you can check every Thursday for a good time Check out the streaming page here

On 25-3-2021 we had two dj’s for my session

Dj Quintex did an awesome mix and Karina Dunlock did well too.DJ Quintexx is a 15-years old dj en producer who started on age 12 as dj.His main go to genres are Technhouse and Basshous but is capable of spinning other genres of music. He actually spinned at lager festivals and party’s which is quite impressive due to his age.His biggest events where:

Drop the Bass,  het UCI World Cup Shortrack, de Haagse Skatetôg, danceparade, de pier in Scheveningen, Duinrell, Excelsior en ADO Den Haag.Keep a look out for Dj Quintexx

You can download his dj set here or go to youtube, instagram or soundcloud for more information on Quintexx

Karina Dunlock started here journey of music in 2018 she went to a spiritual path and discovered that music was the thing she loved doing the most. She started to produce music right from her hearth, she made all kinds of house orientated music tracks whit a lot of passion and love, she felt a lot of joy doing so,

When she thought it wast the right time to showcase her music to the audience she decided to take a professional DJ coarse in Mei 2019.

She loved this and turned out to be a natural talent picking up the art of dj-ing real quick. She was 39years old at that time. In almost 2 months she got her first dj gig and whit in half a years she was invited to spinn a set at the ADE,(Amsterdam Dance Event) which is a well know fair among dj’s. She still has a huge enthusiasm and passion about here music wich you can see when she spins her set and really brings the party to live, she performs regular at gigs and events,

You can download her dj set here or go to facebook or mixcloud for more information on Karina Dunlock

Last time i had my evening at plekasldit i choose to go oldskool.

I invited Danny villagrasa once more who spinned some records on real turntables playing oldskool 90thies track. when i was young i grew up whit dutch hardcore vibes so i choose to play oldskool 90thies hardcore and rave.

i really enjoyed my self whit this new set and danny did realy well to,

YOu can download my hardcore rave mix right here

If you like to hear Danny’s mix you can download it here

on 21-01-2021 we had LRS He put down a solid housy techno like mix I found his dj style good and tight. they way he builds up to the final tracks was really well done. enjoy his mix which you can download here

On 14-01-2021 we opened our evening whit Rijmr

He did a live performance of his rap.
He is been at it for 12years now and he likes to use his music as an outlet for his feelings and expressions,
using self reflection and spiritual connection to others
he finds that we should help each other and we are all contented
He gets his own beat from producers which are tailor made to fit his lyrics

you can listing here on spotify
or to connect go to his facebook

We closed our evening whit We The People. Nathan & Cleo
who put down a heavy mix including there own made music.
Nathan self likes to make his own music and max dsp plugins.
he is working on creating his own hardware looper.
which i found quite impressive. Cleo did some vocals on there tracks,

YOu can check out there two hour performance here

So The was again a success, this time we had more of a house vibe going on, we invited Danny Villagrasa again and this time he brought a friend. Frank Lewis. Frank is and oldskool dj who has been spinning records for ages back in the day he even performed at Roxy !

This Time i played 4 promo tracks before they started to spin, Danny went first and Frank ended the evening. Check out all the promo tracks and there beatport links bellow

Sometimes he makes music whit Danny. Since we had Danny before i will leave his info down here, if you would like to contact Frank Lewis you can go here to his facebookpage

In the first Session we had Guest dj Danny Villagrasa, he spinned a fat harder techno mix. He performed quite well and i was happy to have him here, He produces his own tracks which you can find Right Here

He also upload his mixes to MixCloud , HearThis and Youtube Channel

He started out when he was 11 years old when he dj’d at a friends house who had turntables so he decided to get those too, he got into producing his music in 2006 from that point on he puts his best efforts into creating his music. his favorite Dj’s/artist are Dj Dimitri,Jaydee,Harry Lemon and Bicep and of coarse Boekashade

Want to contact him? Go to his FaceBook Page

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