Yea my remix made it to a release,
My Melodic version of Tony Maffa’s Kaltherzig made it.

Thanks to UndergroundZ records for this release and opportunity release date is set to 17-4-2020

I had fun remixing this track alto it presented some challenge but that makes it more fun. enjoy the track

I am working on a new synth called Fat Bert, it is a bassline synth so don’t expect to many modulations. it uses my custom fat filter audio demos online soon

i am currently in the processes of changing my webpage especially the vst section will be better i want to have a proper page for each plugin whit audio demos and how to use videos on youtube.

Also this is happening since whit the corona outbreak a lot of djs cannot perfom live, Dj Loochoo has setup an initiative to post a mix on his spotify podcast channel Loochoo Presents: The Tapes

Check out DjLoochoo here

Show your support for this great initiative,Starting on 6-4-2020 the big network of dj’s who will be collaborating with each other #samenstaanwijsterker. to provide a banging mix each day live on spotify
on Loochoo’s his channel

Every Day a different dj will showcase his mixtape that is ready for streaming on 12:00 p.m. each whit is own style.and his own length giving room for all kind of mixes.The 538 Remix van Samen SterkShall be used as the intro for #CORONATIME So remember 6 April Loochoo Presents: The Tapes 12:00
Ofcoars i wanted to show my support and i have already sent in my mix make sure you check this out#Goodstuff

My mix will be streamed on 13 april 12:00 p.m.

Dont forget to leave your email behind at the singe up area bottom right. If you sing up you will recieve an email each time i have new stuff also i wanted to let you all know that i did not know i had to approve comments on my blog/news page, i found out now that i had a good amount of nice comments from my fans. from now on i will check it out regularly and i like to thank everyone that has been sportive and nice to me.

Have a good day!