Hi all,

I want to thank everyone for there great support. I have been silent for a time and thought it was time for an update, i am working on new music that will be released at D-force Records and Experiment Records. two new ep’s

I cant say to much but i have been pushing the bar to make good sounding music, this month i dedicate my self to my music even more to ensure all is finished in time for summer and take the time to do proper research on how to reach more people whit my music

As a part of my new music adventure i diced i have to do more remixes and work together whit other dj/producers. i singed up for the Remix contest from UndergroundZ records.

You can expect a banging rave like remix from me that will blow-up any party, this was fun to do and if you know the original you can hear i used the main bassline as a hook out true the complete remix

Furthermore i contacted Catestar Music a Dutch booking agency and if all goes well i will be doing more dj performances this coming year.

This year i will be looking forward to work whit al kinds of musicians so we can work together and promote ourself even more.

And for you synthedit syntbuilders i am doing my advanced tutorial the next week. in this i will show you advanced synth building techniques and show you tips n tricks on how to give your synth character. i will even share some of my secret secrets.