Short edit: i have noticed some of my plugins can loose there poly mode, this bug is noticeable if the synth does not make audio in poly mode bit in mono it does make sound, i still have to figure out why it does that but for now i have a quick fix vst.

If your synth looses its poly mode save your preset using the preset manger,

In fl you right click your channel and select replace(i dont know how in ohter daws) then replace it whit the quickfix vst,next replace the quickfix vst back to your plugin and reload your preset if all went well you now should have fixed the poly bug, ime verry sorry and i am working on fixing the problem

Download QuickFix

I wish you al a marry cristmas For this years cool xmas plugin i have an awesome synth my silver synth
This synth borrows the boostfilter technique from its bigger brother sulver synth
Some of silver synths components are all different (including the two osc’s) and very naughty others will be found in sulver to, (especially the Lfo’s)
The Synth has a lot of post and pre filtering optionsaswell a huge sonic pallet, also have i add a unique morhpmod knob that lets you modulate the modulation (is that a thing? yea!)

download it >>here<< or go to my webpage
Check out the trance track demo on youtube

Or listen to the factory presets >Here< < (opens in a new tab)">>>Here<<

When i look back on this year i can say i was very successful i created cool plugins did about 4 live shows and released a lot of track, i would like to say thanks to everyone supporting me this year and to my fans, also i would like to thank D-force records and Experiment records for there support, remix jobs and for releasing my music. Dont you all worry tou cus just before the end of the year i will upload my Gijs mega mix that includes all tracks released from 2017 up to 2019 just in time for you all to party on!

Have A good Cristmas and happy new year!! whoowhoo