Hi all,

Firstoff as you know my new EP LunaFrost has been released and already i had support from various artist including ” Whistla / Guti Legatto / Anhken / Rob Zile / Sergio Matina / 1712 Artists

You can listen to Whistla’s mix here in which he included my track Beef i am quite proud of the tracks on this EP and hope you enjoy them to for a short preview on the tunes check out the video below

Gijs De Mik – Luna Frost EP previews

Previews of all tracks from upcoming Luna Frost EP by Gijs de Mik!Sexy tracklist:1. Beef2. Luna Frost3. Mocca Del Loco4. KlankWerk

SlÄet op af Experiment Records i Torsdag den 5. september 2019

Also Released this month is my remix of Dforce his track Secret love somewhat harder then you would expect from me but don’t fear more harder tunes are on its way, I really liked this track and its remix pack almost instantly i know how i wanted the music to sound and it went well

When the track was finished it inspired me to make more harder tunes been a long time since i made music like that so i have enough ideas for more cool tracks

The Secret Love EP includes dope remixes by Me Jens van de Ven BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm) Check the release bellow

And last but not least a new tune from me and ChaCha chekout Fucked it up below yes you can download the music straight from my page!

Enjoy !