Hi all,

First of i wanna start whit good news, My Techno/Progressive house Ep LunaFrost whill be releasd on 20-9-2019.

This Ep Features 4 fat tracks and is one of my finest work so far. Below you can listen to a short preview of the track Beef. I really enjoyed making it and i will be playing it in my live sets regularly

Gijs De Mik – Beef preview (Luna Frost EP)

Preview of the first track from the upcoming thriller by Gijs de Mik – Beef!You can expect killer EP called Luna Frost very soon!

Slået op af Experiment Records i Mandag den 2. september 2019

If you use FattyBabe download the new version

while updating my Pluging FattyBabe i noticed it boosted the high end frequency about 20 to 22 kHz way to much i was checking whit my spectrum analyzer and found to much high end This is not oke! so i have update my plugin to go easy on those frequencies please do if you use FattyBabe >download here< the new version, also i have added a sub bass frequency slider and you can now add a bit more sub to it,

And check out this video below for the proper use of FattyBabe its a short clip of me showing how to use the plugin the plugin is nice but i noticed not much downloads so check out this video and start beefing up your audio

Keep Grooving!