Hi all,

It has been a while since i have some news but its sweet.

First of i start whit a release from Allex, i remixed his track Aurora

My Track is a what more trancy version of his original recording

Yes D-force and Yence505 did a good job to !

You can listen or get the tracks >>here<<

Futher more Allex released his new ep Nemesis and its sweet!

It has three good tracks on it check em out >>here<<

The Charts are going well as you can see here

Be sure to check out the tunes and groove to them,

The coming month i will be working on my series Synthedit and Synthesis again this time i will add extra features to my simple synth starting whit a better lfo and modulation routing system i might even show you some of my Synthedit building tricks. next video after that will demonstrate all the new functions and how to use them its been quite a while since i have updated the series but i am sure you will learn something.