Hi all

The Fuze Project is coming along nicely
Last night i made Three new tunes for the Fuze4 application
Ime now finishing my real live sample pack witch was fun to make!

>>Chek out the Cool Fuze4 application here<<

I recorded al sorts of sounds, spray cans water boilers
any thing i could find in my house,

I used these to create al shorts of atmospheres
like thunder or a mad professors chemical lab
i really enjoyed doing that,

A few months back i participated in the Afro Jack remix contest
the track i had to remix was Let it Rip feat Titus,
I did not make it as a winner although i found my track quite good!
So here it is for you to party on ,

>>Download Afrojack Let it Rip Deep rise remixe here<<

Me and LucieJ are going to perform live in 6Julli,
More about that next week
The album we are creating is on its way, just a few more tracks and its good to go

Keep a look out on my page and beatport for new Techno/Dance Releases

For the Music makers out there i am working on completing the SulverSynth.
This synth is huge. i did not want to compromise in sound quality and functions.
Yes it uses a lot of CPu but it sounds really nice
This Synth has a custom fx section including 8 Fx types

Moddelay , FakeVerb, Distortion, Lofi, Ironinzer , wide fx , Bandtalk , stereo sweeper.

The Lofi section and the ironzer are very custom made for this synth.
The Lfo has diff ant types selectable Bpm,Rnd,Adsr*lfo and free
The lfo hase more sweet stuff in it.
Using two Morphmod Oscillators that has a huge sound pallet is at the hearth of this synth. Combining Fm Sync and Pre wired Osc3/Lfo connections
To create its big sonic pallet
The Oscillators features an Additional settings window where you can mod the sound even more! add stereo winding or phase settings and LPF,HPF stuff

Being a Full Stereo path synthesizer it offers a huge section on stereo modification sounds and parameters,

The Multi filter has some sweet tricks up it sleeve and offers 4 types of Lowpass filters, A DeepDrive section whit filter and the AnalogBoost system.
The Boost system can be difficult to work whit but when used correctly
makes the synth sound amazing.

Further more we have a cool noise oscillator section and Polyphonic independent glide system, Rout the glide to osc 1 only or 2 or all,
Eg2 and 3 can be used whit the Mod sequencer to make rhythmical envelopes in bpm sync, and you can add some groove to it by using the swing parameter.

A 3x Modulation system is in place whit a huge selection of sources and destinations, Its to much to list al here but this kinda sums it all up.

>>>Chek out this sound demo<<

More Videos and Sound demos will come online when the synth is done.