Hi All,

I have some exiting news.
i will be creating music and effects for Fuze

I recently came in contact whit this project called Fuze
Fuze is a learning environment designed to make learning (and teaching) real text based coding as easy and as accessible as possible
>>>Chek it out here<<<

Damian Charles asked me if i wanted to make some c64 tunes for him using the program DeflMask. Its a Mod tracker style program
in wich you can make music for game systems and such like sega,nes c64 and so on
Of coarse i was happy to do so having played a lot on the c64 when i was young.

He said to me he was going to program for a project called Fuze for nintendo switch
I offered to create music and effect for the project and after he had contact whit fuze they where excited to have me on board.
I am happy whit this opportunity and i am looking forward to create cool fx and tunes.

Futher more i have here two cool tracks from Experiment records.
First off is Sam Arsh whit Apocalypse Alert

This Gloomy Deephouse track is right up my alley,
I like the atmospehre and dark sound.
Chek out the tracks >>here<<

Next up is Martin Downhill – Nightmare EP

If your more of a techhouse fan then your like this ep.
a clean solid techhouse vibe al the way, My favourite is Nightmare,
Chek it out >>here<<

Well thats all for today. Next week on Monday i have a little surprise.