Hi all,

25-7-2018 My Remix of Yence505’s the sun will be released!

I made a cool remix from his trance song witch is a bit harder then the orginal.
I realy liked the original track and the vocals done by Emphavoice
Get your Copy here >>> The Sun

Furthermore i have been working on my new Techno/minimal Ep
Three great tunes to drift away to
the three tracks share a deeper dark mystic vibe
The Release date is not yet know
but if you liked my previous releases from Experiment Records
i know you will like these to!

Free tunes are coming to!.
I have been working on my Space album “The Orpalpendium Effect”
The album features my more deep synthesizer music whit a twist.
Deep Hypnotizing Melodies floating around taking you away.
The album is almost finished

For the Music makers
I recently found a phat C64 samplepack. Now i cant remember where i found it
I still wanted to share it. you can download the pack Here >>> C64SamplePack

I am working on new Vst Effects. One Decimator like effect and a Filter unit.
Both of these Effects Need midi to work. you can set the frequencies using midi input notation. This Comes in handy if you need filtering at the precise note/Frq als your source. Or to track a basseline’s low end
Videos of the plug ins will be available when there ready for download.

Well that it for now.