My new track Let it Slide is released on 06-05-2018
featuring the vocal works of chahca.
Wich you may know from the track ReadyForLove and Go Go YellowScreen
This is a more dance orientated track, Good music

Yence505 and BeatGrooveRhythm Both did a remix of the track.
wich will be released to!

Further more
Yence505 Asked me if he could do a remix of my track RustyDragon.
And ofcoarse i was cool whit that, Here you can find his remix of
>>> RustyDragon.

I also have been working one some new effect plugins.
Starting whit the first TrackDelay2.
The Track Delay2 Makes small varations in time possible
Its Lfo based wich can be either freerunning or Bmp sync.
I made this plugin so i can create drum loops and percussion layers
sound more live like. Based on the fact that no one can drum 100% accurate,
Use it to create more swing like effects or small delays.
For proper use add the effect to one percussion sample/channel
and stack more of them per percussion to get the real live like sound.

And i have a Stereo widne effect.
This effect is used to create stereo wide effect splitted by freqeucie
You can set the higher frequencies stereo wide effect and the lower frequencies wide effect. als there is a modulation option for both High and Low channels.
Witch can have there own speed and mod depth. This pluggin is great on vocals
or use it after your reverb or delay.

Well thats it for now.
Keep Grooving!