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Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Monster EP release!!!

Uncategorised Posted on 2021-12-04 03:48:38

Yea the wait is over. enjoy my new EP monster.

The Monster EP is released to day at Experiment Records check >>the album here<< I have worked very hard to once more bring you nice melodies and a unique style of music ,the EP is diverse in music genre’s and style. this is the last release for this year

I tried to created a journey into melody whit this EP. where Monster is quite mellow and techno ,pulsar brings back some more oldskool vibes. never knew is a bit more housey whilst starfish brings back the love for the main leads. all whit all i am proud of this new EP.

Monster track

Uncategorised Posted on 2021-11-26 21:52:35

we have reached the final track from my Monster EP, Monster saved the best for last!


Uncategorised Posted on 2021-11-26 05:08:11

Third track to promote this time my track Pulsar!

Starfish Monster EP Preview

Uncategorised Posted on 2021-11-25 01:12:30

Check out the preview of my second track Starfish >>

New release comming!

Uncategorised Posted on 2021-11-23 21:44:22

Hey all! i have been working hard on new music and finally my new EP Monster is about to be released at 3-12-2021. this will be the last release of this year and its sweet!

It features 4 new tracks in the kinda techno genre. my unique style and melodies will take you away dreaming. in the next few days every day i will post a preview video kicking today off whit the track Never Knew.

I want to thank every one for there support! enjoy!

I noticed some people ending up on the blog page alone. this page is part of my webpage so go here and enjoy my page if you find yourself ending up on my blog alone

Yea New Release!

Uncategorised Posted on 2021-09-19 20:36:20

Yes A new gijs Release at Natural Feelings. This time i tried something different by using a special scale. it sounds a bit Arabic of coarse you can expect your classic gijs elements.

You can look up Harmony Minor the track here

i have more good news! i have been working hard on two new EP’s, Frist one has 3 real nice techno tracks being plannend on releasing at Experiment Records. Second features two a bit faster track plannend for a new label!.

I would like to take the time to tank you all for your great support. and as you know play it loud!!. and if you wish to have your track released at Natural Feelings you can send them a mail here

Have a good day and Keep partying

First TapeWorm Vst done

Uncategorised Posted on 2021-05-21 18:30:57

Here is the first plugin i made for Tapeworm audio.Its a reverb whit a nice twist to it!. it has a special tail reflection you wont find on other reverb plugins. The distortion included sounds very nice, all the vsts will include my special distortion

First of i have to thank my friend Dyon Van Gerwen . Who started on the project for Tapeworm audio but due to a personal situation could not finish the vsts and asked me to take over the project. so i did thankfully

I am really proud of this vst and pushed the reverb module to the limit. i even included a phase correction system.The distortion can be placed before or after the reverb. Due to the design setting the distortion before the reverb gives a small phase delay. the knob prepc. fixes that was a design choice to save cpu usage.

at the end of the reverb a nice modulation can be applied to give a bit of chorus/vibration effect. the tail mod can be set to. also the distortion has a filter which can be modulated to.the lfo modulation is either bpm controlled or a free frq. both the chorus mod and filter drive can be set to either of those.and to top it of you can reset the lfo on a time scale.

There is a lot more in there. demo videos are coming soon.This is the first of 4 vst for Tapeworm audio. next i am working on a chorus. and of coarse i will be adding diffrant parameters then your used to.

New Remix.

Uncategorised Posted on 2021-04-11 18:48:31

Yea On of my best works is released.

As you know i worked whit Yence505 before. When i heard his new track made whit the cool Nathassia Devine , The Edge. i had a good idea right away for a more trance like version of the track . i kindly asked if i could do a remix and they said yes!. I am very proud of this one

Its released by Hands In The Air Records and i want to thank all involved for giving me this opportunity to remix a great track

Check out the track The Edge here Or buy it on Beatport to support me even more

It would be awesome if you can follow me on spotify, There are more great releases coming in the next few months. you can also listen to my release playlist on Spotify. all my releases are added to this playlist

Pete Ardron did a great remix so its worth checking his track out to, You can find it on Youtube

The last thing i have is the official playlist from Hands In The Air records which has a lot of quality tracks in there. check it out here

I hope you all stay safe and healthy, and remember Play it loud!

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