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Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Final Year mix 2020 and thank you!

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-12-31 18:56:45

Hi all,

It was a bit of a hassle but i have finished my 2020 year mix

Download my 2020 end years mix here

Most of my released tracks from 2020 made the final mix. there are also some good ones from 2019 in it, even unreleased once! the last track is a remix i did from Yenve505 & Nathassia the edge its a great remix and a proper ending. this year the mix includes 20 tracks about 2hours.

Also check out my Mix from 2019

which was good to and for those who don’t like the techno / trancey vibes you can

download my Mega Eelectropop beats mix

I wanted to make it a bit longer but my computer could not handle it. i used ableton to make the year mix nice and tight. Enjoy!

i noticed a lot of people find my blog but not my webpage click here to go to my main webpage directly

This year has been good for me music wise i had a lot of new good releases and huge support al around. i even did some new vst’s and got to work on my sulfer project which is almost here. next year i can share my newer plugins which i could not finish in time for cristmas. keep a look out on my page as i am rounding up my 3 projects and upload them the next week.

I would like to thank al my fans and music friends for a fantastic year i am working hard on my live performance and promise you next year will be even better music wise. i feel i have grow as a better producer and dj this year and i will keep puttingin my efford to make everything better.

For now enjoy new years eve stay healty and safe !

EP Release Never Alone

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-12-30 13:25:19

My new ep Never Alone is released by Natural feelings.

I am always proud of my new music and the way people respond to it to my surprised i hit top 1 in the labels top 10 on beat port

You can check out the ep on beatport here

As you have might noticed there where no cristmas plugins / music this year, latley i have a busy scedule and i could not finish my vst in time. i want to make sure the plugins works properly.

for new years eve i will upload a mega mix of the last two years best tracks like always. comeback here tomorrow and you can download my mix in time to party whit new years eve..

We all have a hard time dealing whit corona and i hope you all stay safe and healthy.

DeepBeats Session 2#

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-12-03 16:27:12

Yea tonight i host another DeepBeats Sessions. This time we try and focus more on a Hous set instead of raw Techno. we start of a bit more early as we decided we wanted to play our promo tracks to, as it is a part of the show. we have two dj’s tonight so i will not be playing a dj set.

Tonight we start around 19:45 so check out the twichtv link for the live stream.

You migth remember Danny Villagrasa from last months set. this time he comes along whit his bro Frank Lewis. its sure to be a cool music adventure tonight!.

And as last time i will update my DeepBeats Session page tommorow when i have recieved the mp3 of the dj sets. There you can find more info about the two dj’s perofming tonight. Tune in and groove whit us!

Did you missed the last dj set? go to this download link to listen directly what me and Danny Villagrasa did last time! see you at 19:45 at twitchtv

Firs Deepbeats sessions

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-10-30 18:12:21

Hey all!

Next week 5 November 2020 i will be hosting my first DeepBeats Techno Sessions, at plekalsdit we will start around 20:00 till 22:00 for the live stream Go to. here on twitch

Our first Guest Dj is Danny Villagrasa check him out here on Soundcloud

We will kick of whit some new promo tracks i have received as well one new track from my upcoming In my head EP.

After Danny did his set we end the evening whit a mix from me!

So Tune in next week on November 5th around 20:00 pm and check out the goodstuff! Enjoy!

Deep Beats Techno Sessions

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-10-10 20:03:46

I have been invited by a local dj platfrom to start hosting my own techno event once a month. i am happy whit this. i will start hosting my Deep beats Techno session’s i will promote new underground techno music as well my own new tracks give artist and label info and finish the evening off whit solid techno sets played by me and other techno dj’s that get invited all livestreamed and on live radio. more information soon

New EP They are Watching

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-09-22 18:24:01

Update!! My Ep is now available for download and purchase check it out here

They Are Watching EP Just got released at Dforce records. !!!

Check out the Juno Download page here for previews of the tracks

This time i have two harder techno tracks. latley i have been focusing on more energetic and harder music.

The track They Are Watching is a banger, it has those acid house sounds and has an overall energetic vibe . The Track Go harder Fits perfectly whit this

the last track wonderlands is a classic Gijs dance track like you are used to

I am looking forward to this release and all the responses, like always stay safe and keep banging those tunes!!

Dj Performance at UtoPodium&

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-07-23 17:28:40

Tonight i am gonna put down a tight mix again, this time Gijs only tracks and a few remixe’s. @ Utopdium &

Check it out Live @

And As a Bonus i will be playing a DJ set tomorrow too at URBN-Village, this time i team up whit FXXY and well be spinning back to back playing solid house tracks.(and a cool promo of the first track i did whit FXXY) More info on this tomorrow

Audio Deals and Webpage changes,

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-07-03 16:39:56

Hi all, First of i want to thank every one for there great support.

My new EP Machina Love is doing verry good and i am happy to see that more people like my style and vision of music.

You might notices some changes on my webpage i am working on a new and more clearer version of my webpage. i have started to offer other companies vsts as well and even some free stuff from others.

if you go to the plugins page you will find all my free vst’s and some links to others even better you can find the AudioDeals of this week. they offer the good stuff at lower lower prices. normally i would not do this but there discount is really good. and they sell the major vst’s. so i had to spread the word! Check out there webpage here for the good deals

I have been working on another cool project too but i cannot say to much about it. its sweet. futer more i will be perfominge live once every two months so expect alot of spacey synth jams and fat dj mixes.

As always have a good day and keep save!

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