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Stardust-audio News Bulletin

Cool Stuff Comming

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-05-21 18:41:54

Hi all,

i would like to thank everyone that has been so sportive.

i have finished something real nice cant say to much. i think you all will like it. you just have to wait a few weeks more!.

I have started to create vst’s for others. i was contacted by this nice man and he asked if i could create a cool bassline synth for him. of coarse he is paying a small fee. this got me thinking on offering this service on my webpage.

At first i build the synth way to big cus you know when i do something i do it profound. he wants to create his own dedicated midi controller for the synth, and that’s where the challenge came in. i had to reduce knob amount as much as i could. and all this whit out sacrificing audio quality or flexibility. i learned an lot from this project that even tough the synth is small got quite large. i am really thankful for this opportunity and have delivered good stuff. i did my research on bassline and acid synths and learned cool things. This synth will not be available for down load since it is a custom build synth project .

check out the audio demos bellow, you can hear a nice pad sound this was not the purpose of the synth(since its a bassline synth) but i liked to c how much i could get out of it

Demo 1 , Demo 2

The coming weeks i will work on updating my webpage whit more information about me how i am and what i have released so far. and in which projects i am involved. also would i like to change the vst page to give information about each synth and effect and how to use them

Thats it for today, have a good day and stay safe!

New Remix Release Kaltherzig

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-04-24 17:10:33

Hi all,

My latest Release and remix has been released.

Check out my version of Tony Maffia’s Kaltherzig, being a pure techno track i have given it my melodic techno twist ending up in quite a rave like track. Perfect to drive fast whit your car or party at home!

You can check out the tracks on Beatport here

i have been working on my new Ep for Experiment Records. The tracks are al done i just have to do the last polishing and where good to go!

I have upload my Experiment showcase mix 2019, you can check it out here

My new synth FatBert is almost finshed and boy its fat!! its so fat you have make sure you don’t boost the low end to much! then its clips a bit but as a bassline synth it does its job perfectly, Demo videos and Audio will be online soon. i am still trying to change my website and add a propper information page on each plugin i have. this is taking some time

Thats it for today, you all keep save distance and i hope we all make it trough these hard times. thanks for al the support so far.

Dj Loochoo #Coronatime podcast

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-04-11 16:45:42

In these heavy times all of us try to brighten up your day
Loochoo has started something good.

Every day at 12 p.m. a new mix from a new Dj
All whit there own style is presented on his spotify podcast channel

Be sure to check it out. mines due on 13 of April

You can listen to the podcast >Loochoo the tapes here<

I wish you all the best of luck ,staying safe and healty

SunShine Stardust for those sunny days

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-04-08 17:57:29

Hi all,

i like to thank everyone that is supporting me. i hit a mile stone today this week my Mobells synth has been download 4604 times which i find a lot.

Today i want to share my album shunshine stardust. an album made to chill out in the sun whit beers or weed or both you do you the point is this is made for that nice sunny weather and to chillout i think i did a prettyg good job so download your mp3 here >>sunshinestardust<< or visit youtube and play it there

I am glad to c your enjoying my custom made synths and more of them are on its way. i am working on fat bert and sulfer these are going to be awesome. they share a few of the same special stardust options. in time i will teach how to use these advanced controls. i have 4 diff rant types of lfo’s and a good addition to your standard envelop generators using a smoothing option to have better control over the output signal

as you might know i am working on an improved version of my web site. i want to add audio demos and how to use videos for all my plugins i understand that some of my vst’s need a bit more explanation this is on its way, for now i say goodbye and have a good day!!!!

Yea New Release on 17-4-2020

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-03-31 17:16:27

Yea my remix made it to a release,
My Melodic version of Tony Maffa’s Kaltherzig made it.

Thanks to UndergroundZ records for this release and opportunity release date is set to 17-4-2020

I had fun remixing this track alto it presented some challenge but that makes it more fun. enjoy the track

I am working on a new synth called Fat Bert, it is a bassline synth so don’t expect to many modulations. it uses my custom fat filter audio demos online soon

i am currently in the processes of changing my webpage especially the vst section will be better i want to have a proper page for each plugin whit audio demos and how to use videos on youtube.

Also this is happening since whit the corona outbreak a lot of djs cannot perfom live, Dj Loochoo has setup an initiative to post a mix on his spotify podcast channel Loochoo Presents: The Tapes

Check out DjLoochoo here

Show your support for this great initiative,Starting on 6-4-2020 the big network of dj’s who will be collaborating with each other #samenstaanwijsterker. to provide a banging mix each day live on spotify
on Loochoo’s his channel

Every Day a different dj will showcase his mixtape that is ready for streaming on 12:00 p.m. each whit is own style.and his own length giving room for all kind of mixes.The 538 Remix van Samen SterkShall be used as the intro for #CORONATIME So remember 6 April Loochoo Presents: The Tapes 12:00
Ofcoars i wanted to show my support and i have already sent in my mix make sure you check this out#Goodstuff

My mix will be streamed on 13 april 12:00 p.m.

Dont forget to leave your email behind at the singe up area bottom right. If you sing up you will recieve an email each time i have new stuff also i wanted to let you all know that i did not know i had to approve comments on my blog/news page, i found out now that i had a good amount of nice comments from my fans. from now on i will check it out regularly and i like to thank everyone that has been sportive and nice to me.

Have a good day!

Stylenz promise me remix

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-03-25 16:55:06

Hi all!

Today D-force records released new cool ep from Stylenz just the thing to brighten up your day

This Ep includes three nice tracks, also included are three remixes made from the track Promise Me, My remix is as you can expect full of melodies and that good old dance vibe, be sure to check out the remixes from Yence505 and D-force him self.

Listen to the tracks here on spotify

Or you can but them at beatport

And be safe in these hard times.

Progress Update

Uncategorised Posted on 2020-03-11 13:12:54

Hi all,

I want to thank everyone for there great support. I have been silent for a time and thought it was time for an update, i am working on new music that will be released at D-force Records and Experiment Records. two new ep’s

I cant say to much but i have been pushing the bar to make good sounding music, this month i dedicate my self to my music even more to ensure all is finished in time for summer and take the time to do proper research on how to reach more people whit my music

As a part of my new music adventure i diced i have to do more remixes and work together whit other dj/producers. i singed up for the Remix contest from UndergroundZ records.

You can expect a banging rave like remix from me that will blow-up any party, this was fun to do and if you know the original you can hear i used the main bassline as a hook out true the complete remix

Furthermore i contacted Catestar Music a Dutch booking agency and if all goes well i will be doing more dj performances this coming year.

This year i will be looking forward to work whit al kinds of musicians so we can work together and promote ourself even more.

And for you synthedit syntbuilders i am doing my advanced tutorial the next week. in this i will show you advanced synth building techniques and show you tips n tricks on how to give your synth character. i will even share some of my secret secrets.

Happy new year Mix!

Uncategorised Posted on 2019-12-31 17:57:45

First of this was a great year for me. i did a lot of live perfomances and it al went well. i want to thank every one that is supporting me and listing to my music, here for your enjoyment to party on at new year i present to you

the Gijs de Mik Mix from 2019 including my releases from 2019 and 2018 and some oldies.

>>Download and listen to the mix here<<

Enjoy and have fun partying

Here below is the track list

Gijs de mik – Kosmic Intro
Gijs de mik – HighOn love
Gijs de mik & chacha Let it slide
Analog Effect – ALive Gijs de mik remix
Allex – Harlequin – Gijs de mik remix
Yence505 – the sun – Gijs de mik remix
Enry C – Space groove Gijs de mik remix
Yence505 – Rewind – Gijs de mik remix
Gijs de mik – Frogs Dreams cat Namtrack&Karlos remix
Gijs de mik – repetics
Afrojack – Let it rip – Gijs de mik remix
Gijs de mik – They are watching
Dforce-secret love – Gijs de mik remix
Gijs de mik – TekTik

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