Here is the first plugin i made for Tapeworm audio.Its a reverb whit a nice twist to it!. it has a special tail reflection you wont find on other reverb plugins. The distortion included sounds very nice, all the vsts will include my special distortion

First of i have to thank my friend Dyon Van Gerwen . Who started on the project for Tapeworm audio but due to a personal situation could not finish the vsts and asked me to take over the project. so i did thankfully

I am really proud of this vst and pushed the reverb module to the limit. i even included a phase correction system.The distortion can be placed before or after the reverb. Due to the design setting the distortion before the reverb gives a small phase delay. the knob prepc. fixes that was a design choice to save cpu usage.

at the end of the reverb a nice modulation can be applied to give a bit of chorus/vibration effect. the tail mod can be set to. also the distortion has a filter which can be modulated to.the lfo modulation is either bpm controlled or a free frq. both the chorus mod and filter drive can be set to either of those.and to top it of you can reset the lfo on a time scale.

There is a lot more in there. demo videos are coming soon.This is the first of 4 vst for Tapeworm audio. next i am working on a chorus. and of coarse i will be adding diffrant parameters then your used to.