Yea On of my best works is released.

As you know i worked whit Yence505 before. When i heard his new track made whit the cool Nathassia Devine , The Edge. i had a good idea right away for a more trance like version of the track . i kindly asked if i could do a remix and they said yes!. I am very proud of this one

Its released by Hands In The Air Records and i want to thank all involved for giving me this opportunity to remix a great track

Check out the track The Edge here Or buy it on Beatport to support me even more

It would be awesome if you can follow me on spotify, There are more great releases coming in the next few months. you can also listen to my release playlist on Spotify. all my releases are added to this playlist

Pete Ardron did a great remix so its worth checking his track out to, You can find it on Youtube

The last thing i have is the official playlist from Hands In The Air records which has a lot of quality tracks in there. check it out here

I hope you all stay safe and healthy, and remember Play it loud!