Soon a awesome remix i did is released at Hands In The Air Records I cant tell to much yet but the track is great!

please follow there Spotify playlist here , and check out there great releases

If you want to get updates on my new releases you can follow my artist page here ,

I really am looking forward on this release
Futere more i have been working on a new EP for the Label Mental Schizophrenia
This is going to be a 3 track EP and its lit. i choose a way harder style for this EP i wanted to create something deep and hard and i think i balanced it very well, i enjoyed making new tracks for this label.

I am also working on 5 new tracks for a game designer. he is creating a new retro 3d shooter and i am happy to provide some awesome tracks to that. getting in to sound design and producing for games is something wanted to do for a while now and i cam glad i have this opportunity

Last time me and Danny spinnend a few records again at plekalsdit. I grew up whit the dutch gabber and hardcore music rage and the mix felt very nostalgic to me. i really had fun mixing these oldskool tracks which you can download here

DannyVillagrasa did an 90thies mix to spining on real vinyl whit his turntables. he choose a more mellow house techno like set which you can download here

Last news i have is that i am working on a new vst synth.

This one is not as complex as Silver or Mobells i focused on character a lot and it sounds raw and stubborn this vst is 64bit.

Thats it for today. have a good week stay healthy and save!