So as you know i help out DJ HomeAlone whit his plekalsdit dj platform, here is a small review on the last two evenings including all download able music that was recorded live!

Last week on 21-01-2021 we had LRS He put down a solid housy techno like mix I found his dj style good and tight. they way he builds up to the final tracks was really well done. enjoy his mix which you can download here

On 14-01-2021 we opened our evening whit Rijmr

He did a live performance of his rap.
He is been at it for 12years now and he likes to use his music as an outlet for his feelings and expressions,
using self reflection and spiritual connection to others
he finds that we should help each other and we are all contented
He gets his own beat from producers which are tailor made to fit his lyrics

you can listing here on spotify
or to connect go to his facebook

We closed our evening whit We The People. Nathan & Cleo
who put down a heavy mix including there own made music.
Nathan self likes to make his own music and max dsp plugins.
he is working on creating his own hardware looper.
which i found quite impressive. Cleo did some vocals on there tracks,

You can check out there two hour performance here

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As Always thanks for reading keep healty and safe!