Hi all,

It was a bit of a hassle but i have finished my 2020 year mix

Download my 2020 end years mix here

Most of my released tracks from 2020 made the final mix. there are also some good ones from 2019 in it, even unreleased once! the last track is a remix i did from Yenve505 & Nathassia the edge its a great remix and a proper ending. this year the mix includes 20 tracks about 2hours.

Also check out my Mix from 2019

which was good to and for those who don’t like the techno / trancey vibes you can

download my Mega Eelectropop beats mix

I wanted to make it a bit longer but my computer could not handle it. i used ableton to make the year mix nice and tight. Enjoy!

i noticed a lot of people find my blog but not my webpage click here to go to my main webpage directly

This year has been good for me music wise i had a lot of new good releases and huge support al around. i even did some new vst’s and got to work on my sulfer project which is almost here. next year i can share my newer plugins which i could not finish in time for cristmas. keep a look out on my page as i am rounding up my 3 projects and upload them the next week.

I would like to thank al my fans and music friends for a fantastic year i am working hard on my live performance and promise you next year will be even better music wise. i feel i have grow as a better producer and dj this year and i will keep puttingin my efford to make everything better.

For now enjoy new years eve stay healty and safe !