Hi all, First of i want to thank every one for there great support.

My new EP Machina Love is doing verry good and i am happy to see that more people like my style and vision of music.

You might notices some changes on my webpage i am working on a new and more clearer version of my webpage. i have started to offer other companies vsts as well and even some free stuff from others.

if you go to the plugins page you will find all my free vst’s and some links to others even better you can find the AudioDeals of this week. they offer the good stuff at lower lower prices. normally i would not do this but there discount is really good. and they sell the major vst’s. so i had to spread the word! Check out there webpage here for the good deals

I have been working on another cool project too but i cannot say to much about it. its sweet. futer more i will be perfominge live once every two months so expect alot of spacey synth jams and fat dj mixes.

As always have a good day and keep save!