Hi all,

i would like to thank everyone that has been so sportive.

i have finished something real nice cant say to much. i think you all will like it. you just have to wait a few weeks more!.

I have started to create vst’s for others. i was contacted by this nice man and he asked if i could create a cool bassline synth for him. of coarse he is paying a small fee. this got me thinking on offering this service on my webpage.

At first i build the synth way to big cus you know when i do something i do it profound. he wants to create his own dedicated midi controller for the synth, and that’s where the challenge came in. i had to reduce knob amount as much as i could. and all this whit out sacrificing audio quality or flexibility. i learned an lot from this project that even tough the synth is small got quite large. i am really thankful for this opportunity and have delivered good stuff. i did my research on bassline and acid synths and learned cool things. This synth will not be available for down load since it is a custom build synth project .

check out the audio demos bellow, you can hear a nice pad sound this was not the purpose of the synth(since its a bassline synth) but i liked to c how much i could get out of it

Demo 1 , Demo 2

The coming weeks i will work on updating my webpage whit more information about me how i am and what i have released so far. and in which projects i am involved. also would i like to change the vst page to give information about each synth and effect and how to use them

Thats it for today, have a good day and stay safe!