Hi all,

i like to thank everyone that is supporting me. i hit a mile stone today this week my Mobells synth has been download 4604 times which i find a lot.

Today i want to share my album shunshine stardust. an album made to chill out in the sun whit beers or weed or both you do you the point is this is made for that nice sunny weather and to chillout i think i did a prettyg good job so download your mp3 here >>sunshinestardust<< or visit youtube and play it there

I am glad to c your enjoying my custom made synths and more of them are on its way. i am working on fat bert and sulfer these are going to be awesome. they share a few of the same special stardust options. in time i will teach how to use these advanced controls. i have 4 diff rant types of lfo’s and a good addition to your standard envelop generators using a smoothing option to have better control over the output signal

as you might know i am working on an improved version of my web site. i want to add audio demos and how to use videos for all my plugins i understand that some of my vst’s need a bit more explanation this is on its way, for now i say goodbye and have a good day!!!!