Hi all,

As you might now i recently uploaded a new dynamics vst called Thump. I was a bit quick on releasing this vsti i worked on it the past few days and i perfected its workings download Thump 1.2 here

Its ment to be put on drums and percussion. you can boost up your kicks snares and percs or put it on a group of percussion and your percussion loops, the idea is that you can hard limit boost the audio and then blend in the original audio source for parallel compression. The Thump and Snap section allow you to alter the dynamics or your audio source in the low and high end(thump is low Snap is high)

Snap has its own variation on the initial dynamics limiter audio groove adding the snap using its frq and band width, the balance i/o control allows you to boost up the total input volume of the vst and keeping your audio output volume the same, the frq response slider is used to blend the limiters input response freq from low to high, this is handy when having a group of percussion or a drumloop and you want to change higher frequency sounds in that group or loop, making sure the plug-in respond to the higher frequency instead of the low.

An audio demo video will be uploaded this week, have phun!